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Happy Mother’s Day 2020: History, Date, Holiday, Celebration, Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day 2020: The greatest and unique gift that God has given to any person is – ‘Mother’. A woman is the first daughter then sister then she becomes a wife and then the main role is being a mother. She gives life to her child. She has trouble in her life and she won’t share but she comes to know if her child has a problem.

Mother is a huge word. She is God for her children. From giving birth to the entire life, she prays for her children’s good health and makes them smile. She always wants her children to remain happy for her entire life.

Mother’s Day is an honor or credit mother and her motherhood from her children. Children give gifts to their mothers. She is honored in many countries around the world. This day should be celebrated because she deserves to be pampered on this day.

Every year, Mother’s Day 2020 India, is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May in many countries. This day meant to show love and respect for the mother from her children.

A mother is her child’s best friend and she does everything for her child and makes them successful in life. She always wishes and prays for her child’s great future. Her love for her child gives support to the child. She makes her child strong.

One day in a year is dedicated to mother, which is called Mother’s Day. To give love and respect to mothers, special Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in many countries. This year, Mother’s Day 2020 is on Sunday, 10 May. On this day, the mother is respected and a lot of love. They are given gifts. Although the mother is loved every day, to give love and respect to the mother, special Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in many countries. Know everything about Mother’s Day here.

Mother’s Day History

This day, Mother’s Day, which honors mother, started in the United States. Anna Jarvis, an American activist, was a woman who started.  Ana Jarvis loved her mother very much. She never married nor had any children. She was always with her mother. Mother’s Day celebration then started in 1905 when her mother died.

On May 9, 1914, American President Woodrow Wilson passed a law stating that Mother’s Day would be celebrated every second Sunday of May. After passing this law in the USA, Mother’s Day started being celebrated on the second Sunday of May in India and many countries. From then on, Mother’s Day celebration is started in many countries, in the USA, India, and many countries on the second Sunday of May.

It is an official holiday on Mother’s Day. It was recognized and in 1908, the first celebration of Mother’s Day was started. She wants mother’s day to be celebrated on an official holiday so the second Sunday of May was made an official holiday on Mother’s day.

The day was also dedicated to ancient Greece and Rome. They considered mother as goddesses and dedicated this day in her honor. But today, Mother’s Day has its roots as ‘Mothering Sunday’. It was celebrated in many countries of England and Europe by people of Christianity. On this day, devotees get to gather for prayers at the church on the fourth Sunday of the Lent season. The church was known as the Mother Church. Children used to give flowers to their mothers just to express their love towards them.

Anna was against wasting money on Mother’s Day. She considered not to give expensive gifts. She believed that the mother should be given flowers on this day. Later, Anna started against those who made Mother’s Day the day expensive one. In her last days, she wants Mother’s Day to be removed from the calendar.

Mother’s Day Holiday

A mother is the first teacher and friend of her child. She always wants the success of the child. Manners and etiquettes are given by her. She also wants that she should be recognized not by name but by her child’s name.

Being a mother is made to feel special. On this day, they are given gifts. That is all the ways in which you can express love to your mother, all that is done. Mother’s Day 2020 USA is an official federal holiday. The celebration of the day was started in the USA first.

Mother is the one who teaches us to live; the first person in the world who we know is a mother. After keeping for 9 months have troubles, she gives birth to us. For the mother, her whole world is her children. A mother always worries about her child. Before going to school, the mother is the teacher for her child.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is celebrated with great memories. Every child wants to give some surprise to their mother and the day should be a memorable one. They decide to go for outing with family especially with their mother. Food of mother’s choice or her favorite food is ordered. They want to gift something which the mother likes and loves. They express their love towards their mother.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Although the mother does not need any special day to love and give gifts, still the mother is given more respect on Mother’s Day. She is given gifts, sweet and loved a lot.

Children gift mother clothes like in India, Kurti, suit or saree on Mother’s Day in India. Or something they like. After clothes, Jewellery, beauty products, are much in demand for gifting on Mother’s Day.

Some ways by which you can make your mother feels best on this special day:

  • Hug and wish her
  • Ask her to cut cake
  • Give flowers
  • Booking in a parlor
  • Gift voucher for online shopping
  • Mobile / tablet
  • Kitchen appliance
  • Outing
  • Surprise lunch/dinner
  • Customized gift
  • Making cards or some gifts with hand.
  • Give her complete rest; give them a break from kitchen work.
  • Make something of their choice for your mother.

Hope you love this article on Mother’s Day and make the day for your Mother even more beautiful.

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