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International Mother’s Day 2020: Date, History, Celebration

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International Mothers Day

International Mother’s Day: No one can think of life without a mother. Mother is a very special person for her children. She is precious to them. They can’t live without a mother for a single minute.

Mother is the one who raises her children. So the day is made to dedicate to the mother. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in many countries. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries on different dates.

A mother is a role model for her children. She sacrifices her life for her children. In return, she wants the happiness of her children. The only thing she wants that her child should be successful in life. When a child is happy, the mother also feels happy.

Children give surprise or gifts to their mothers. They do that work which makes her smile. They show their love for mother. Every day should be Mother’s Day.

A true Mother’s Day is the day when the mother is happy about what her children do in life. There is no need to celebrate any day. Whenever the mother smiles that is called real Mother’s Day.

She is an angel to her children. She looks at her children equally and loves them more than her life. She can do anything for her children.

Women are all-rounder. She works in the office as well as her home. She keeps professional life on one side and personal life on the other side. She never mixes both. She knows how to handle work at home as well as office.

How to look after children, mother knows better than father. She is ideal for her children.

History of International Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day comes from the country of the USA. Anna Jarvis was the woman who started to celebrate Mother’s Day. She used to love her mother a lot. She started Mother’s Day in the year her mother died in 1905.

The origin of Mother’s Day started this year. No much celebration was done. In 1908, it was the first large scale celebration and declared it a public holiday.

On the celebration, Anna wants that flowers should be given to Mother. Slowly- slowly the celebration spread to other countries including New Zealand, Australia, and India.

International Mother’s Day Gifts

Today, there are numerous gift items available in the market. Children have choices what should be given as a gift to mother. Many gifts like:

  1. Cake cut: Cake is being bought and mother cut the cake. The cake is what the mother likes the most.
  2. Jewelry: Jewellery is the thing that every woman loves to wear. Artificial pieces of jewelry are sold more rather than gold and diamond. Earrings, bangles, rings, and many more options are available in the market.
  3. Clothes: Clothes are the need for everyone and everyone loves wearing them. Gifting any type of dress for the mother is the best idea. Like in India, Kurtis, suits, and sarees are the dresses that are best for gifting to mother. They are mostly sold.
  4. Beauty products: Beauty products are also part of a woman’s necessity. Giving beauty products like perfumes, lipsticks, nail paints, are best as gifts. Beauty baskets are much in demand today.
  5. Gift Voucher: Nowadays, a gift voucher is much in demand. Children give a gift voucher to their mothers. E-commerce websites like Amazon also sell gift vouchers. It is in trend.
  6. Household items: Gifting household items like kitchen appliances, crockery, etc. are also the best ideas.
  7. Smartphones/ Gadgets: Electronic gadgets or smartphones, the tablet is also a gifting idea if having a good budget.
  8. Customized items: Customized gifts like photo frame along with photos, customized cushions, and many more are much in demand as a gift for any purpose.

These are some gifting ideas for Mother’s Day gift. Except for all these gifting ideas, spend quality time with their mother makes her feel more special. Outing with her and other family members.

Have lunch or dinner with her. Watch entertaining movie with her also makes her feel special and make the day memorable for life long.

Even the Mother’s Day celebration can be done at home. Decorate the room with balloons, buntings. Arrange snacks. Get to gather with relatives.  Bring the cake or make the cake at home which she likes. Give her a surprise. Tell her to cut the cake. Make dishes which she likes and gift her which she likes.

Happy Mothers Day Date: Celebration of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the celebration of mother and motherhood. It is celebrated in many countries on the second Sunday of the month of May. Happy Mother’s Day 2020 is on 10th May.

On Mother’s Day, children give surprises to mother. Gifts are given to the mother. They gift the things which they love a lot. Surprise mother by going for outing and have lunch or dinner.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in children’s schools where children’s parents are invited especially mothers are invited.

Singing, dancing, acting, and many more plays are organized to dedicate the day to every mother. The mother along with the teacher also sing, dance with her child and click photos to make the day memorable.

All these are done to make the mother feel proud and even feel special. Even snacks or lunch are been organized on the school premises. If the program is by senior students then those students make food for their mother and eat together.

Mother’s Day USA

Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world and was first celebrated in America by Anna Jarvis. It is the annual holiday on Mother’s Day every year. Americans have a special day on this day. Children of every age celebrate this day with full joy and excitement. They want to make the day memorable and give gifts to their mother. Cutting cake is mostly done on this day.

Mothers Day in India

In India, the mother is equal to God. Every child treats their parents as their life. Mothers are God as she gives birth to the child and gives love and care to the child.

The mother doesn’t care about herself and her health but wants her children to be fit and fine throughout life. Many children till today, pray for their parent’s health.

They love them from full of their heart. They want their parents to be happy with whatever they do. Children also greet their parents every day and wish for their good health.


Mothers are precious and no one can love and care more than their mother. Do work which she like the most makes her feel special. Making her happy and loving is the main thing for the children. Gift them whatever she likes on this International Mother’s Day.

The mother will always give good wishes to her child.

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